Nina specialises in voice acting for podcasts, games, animation and audiobooks. With technical knowledge gained from nearly a decade in games industry roles, she brings a wealth of empathy to supporting creative teams in building immersive experiences through her performances.

Nina's character reel.

Predominantly appearing in fantasy and sci-fi productions, she has performed voices for a wide range of characters such as:
Quirky, self-aware Computer A.I. Wayward in the Space Comedy Drama CICADA 3000Mischievous fae Luxe in Absolutely No AdventuresTyrannical Nymphian district manager Cyrene in Ughgh... Magical Boys andPowerful ethereal pirate Queen Violetta Voltura in Mondrea Memories
She also featured in the award winning short film Transference:

Transference - Winner of Best Short at the Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest, Jan 2021.

She also equips corporate brands with an approachable, professional voice for telephony systems, explainers and online training.

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Home Studio

Nina will delight you with her commitment to quality, attention to detail, candour and whimsical approach, working from her professional home studio:


Interface: Solid State Logic SSL2
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770
DAW & Software:
Reaper, iZotope RX 7


Acoustically treated booth

A/V live-direction capability


Zoom, Source-Connect Now
or Equivalent

Additional Upon Request

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This work by Nina Nikolic is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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Corporate Voiceover

Telephone Systems



Blown away! Thank you for taking the time for the alternate takes and reads, the energy's just what I was looking for.
~ Laurie

Nina elevated a supporting role with her brilliant performance in the first season of my original fairy tale audio drama, Tales From The Aether. She brought a real nuance to his role that made the world feel that much richer.

Nina was an absolute professional on this project, providing all files before the deadline and getting back to my messages in a timely manner. She was a pleasure to collaborate with.
~ Shared Manifest Entertainment

Great work! Love the result. Super friendly, easy to work with and very fast at responding and completing jobs.
~ Masseuse Massage Chairs

A fantastic performance and you did the story perfectly.
~ Edward P.

She was very communicative and responsive for the entirety of the project, and when she turned it over, I was completely blown away.

Her voice is amazing, her talent unbelievable, and her product perfect. I couldn’t find even the slightest of errors or mispronunciation in the final product, again a first on a narration of a longer story like this.
~ H. A.

Nina made Cyrene not only a boss you could totally hate, but she also added depth to the character. A fantastic voice actress I hope to continue to work with in the future. I highly recommend her for any role.
~ Mysticborn Productions

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Get in touch with Nina for a FREE audition and a quote tailored to your project.

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